Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Round 'True Tone' Flash Leaked

I usually hate reporting on leaks, but this leak in particular caught my attention. Remember the supposed iPhone 6 rear shell that got leaked a while ago? One of the main arguments against its validity of the leak was that Apple wouldn't possibly abandon the True Tone flash it introduced with the iPhone 5S. The leaked rear shell had a round cutout for the flash while the iPhone 5S's True Tone flash was pill shaped. I'm still not quite sure why so many people were confused but, as I assumed, the True Tone flash is just circular now, as this leak proves.

Also, since I'm on the topic of leaks...

Next, people will be disappointed to see the iPhone 6 retain the antenna breaks from the rear shell leaks. I'm sure we would've seen a new leak if Apple truly had plans for a different iPhone 6 design. I'll admit, I'm not the happiest with the design direction from the leaks but, I'm sure that I'll fall in love with it once I see the device in person — just as I did with the iPhone 5. So, just accept it and save your judgments until you can hold the device in your own hands.