Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Features You May Have Not Known About

The Settings app on iPhone and iPad have many features you may have not known about, as shown in our previous post. Here are some more features you can activate for a better experience with your iOS device.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are commands you type in which, then automatically become a specific word or phrase. Setting up these commands helps make things you type everyday possible to type far faster. You can make a command for your email address, full name, locations, or whatever you want. This will help make typing far more easier and convenient.

To edit this go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts

Scheduled 'Do Not Disturb'

Do not disturb is a feature that turns off all notifications, calls, and messages when the device is turned off, hence it's name. If you find yourself turning it on/off around the same time each day, then Scheduled Do Not Disturb can help. By simple setting a time range, it will enable and disable Do Not Disturb in that range everyday so you don't have to.

To turn this on go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled (Switch)

Edit "Respond With Text" For Calls

When someone calls you, and you can't answer at the moment, you can respond to them instantly (by texting) using the default commands "I'll call you later." "I'm on my way." and "What's up?" While these commands can be the most useful, they might not work for everyone. If so, then you can change it to whatever you want.

To edit this go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text

Turn Off Lock/Keyboard Sounds

Whenever you turn off your device, or use the keyboard, there is a "click" sound effect. If this is something you would rather your iOS device not do, simply turn it off.

To turn them off go to Settings > Sounds > Lock Sounds and Keyboard Clicks (Switches) 

Triple Click Shortcut

Triple clicking the home button is the main way to turn on the Guided Access feature. But there is a way to assign a different command for triple clicking. The commands you can assign include "VoiceOver" "Invert Colors" "Zoom" "Switch Control" and "AssistiveTouch."

To change this go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut

Shake to Shuffle

While using the Music app, shuffling your songs would require you to do it manually, but there is a faster way of doing it. By turning on "Shake to Shuffle" all you have to do is shake your device, and it will start selecting random songs for you.

To turn this on go to Settings > Music > Shake to Shuffle (Switch)

Turn Off Perspective Zoom

A new feature introduced in iOS 7 was Perspective Zoom for wallpapers. Some users may not want that, so in iOS 7.1, Apple added the ability to turn this feature off. (If you like the wallpaper, it comes from our Sixth Wallpaper Collection, check it out)

To turn this off go to Settings > Wallpaper and Brightness > Select Wallpaper Then Click on the "Perspective Zoom" Option