Saturday, February 1, 2014

Top Apps - January 2014

Here's a round-up of our favorite apps for the month of January.

Swiftkey Note

Swiftkey Note is just as good as any other note taking app but where it really shines is with its "Magical Prediction Technology." Swiftkey is able to predict what words you are intending to use next as you type. It also offers syncing with Evernote, easy tagging, and multiple language support.

Jelly is an app that let's you ask friends questions you have. Simply take a picture of the question, add a caption, and instantly send it to all your friends to answer. Jelly works with social media accounts you may have, which will result in you to be able to ask and answer questions from your friends. You can also forward questions to people who may not even have Jelly so they can help.

CARROT Fit - Talking Weight Tracker

CARROT Fit is your personal weight loss coach that isn’t afraid to judge you. While CARROT will compliment you occasionally for your hard work, be prepared to be insulted and made fun of, if you don’t achieve your goals. CARROT Fit also offers rewards for losing weight, a daily tracker, reminders so you never lose track of your goals and the ability to track your progress and share it with friends. 

Horizon - Shoot & share horizontal videos

Tired of seeing videos recorded in portrait mode? You’re not alone and Horizon aims to put an end to it. No matter how you shoot, even if you rotate your device while recording, horizon will automatically adjust and crop the video to a horizontal aspect ratio. It also comes with AirPlay mirroring, different aspect ratios, filters and more.

Mega Jump 2

The sequel to the highly popular game Mega Jump is here. This very addicting and challenging endless jumper is fun for all ages. With improved visuals, hundreds of new missions, lucky prizes, new characters and the same creative gameplay mechanic, it's a must have game for all iOS device owners.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (Update)

Epicurious is an excellent app known for its vast food recipe sharing community. This app was updated with new features, the biggest being a re-design to match the new iOS 7 theme. The app has never looked better, and with other features such as Cook Mode for iPad and voice commands, this is definitely a very big and effective update.

Box for iPhone and iPad (Update)

Box is an online storage service for storing documents, media and other files in the cloud. The latest update comes with an all new design for iOS 7 and offers 50GB of online storage for free! This update also added faster document rendering, real-time search, improved sharing and more.

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