Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Home Screen, App Heat Map

The Home Screen App Heat Map is a wallpaper that I have created to aid in the organization of an iOS home screen. This is of course just one approach, my personal approach, which is basically a clutter free set-up where apps with the highest priority are organized mainly where they are the easiest to reach and then slightly re-ordered based on their categories.

Click on the image for the full
resolution version. Color palette
inspired by the app Clear
This is important for me on the go to simplify single-handed use and will become more important as iPhone screens become larger eventually. If you would like to try using the heat map, turn on "Reduce Motion" in the settings to disable Parallax. Reduce Motion can be found in: Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion. This is not the full guide to how I organize my iPhone's screens but a preview. The full SUAPP guide is coming soon so be sure to check back.

Again this is my current approach and there are many others. Feel free to leave comment to tell us about your favorite method to organizing your home screen for any iOS device.