Sunday, December 1, 2013

YouRepeat: YouTube's Repeat Button

Without a doubt YouTube has become one of the most popular places to go to and find free music streaming especially with uploads from the likes of Vevo but, there lacks a single function for those times when addiction hits you and you need to hear the same song over and over. That function is a repeat button and the solution for it is YouRepeat. YouRepeat has been around for quite some time and to my surprise to this day not many people know about it. It's very simple to use:

1. Find a Song on YouTube
2. Edit the URL
Change 'tube' in the URL to 'repeat'
3. Enjoy the Music
Instead of having to press play every time song is done, now you can let YouRepeat website do it for you! you can even select a start and end time for the looping just in case a song had a long intro. 
4. Get the Extension
This is optional but, you can get an extension that detects a YouTube video and takes you straight to YouRepeat.