Friday, September 6, 2013

What an iPhone 5 Looks Like After a Year of Use

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Recently, I have been seeing many potential iPhone buyers wondering how the iPhone 5 fairs against regular day to day use so I thought I would create a gallery of my personal iPhone 5 because no words can answer this question better than a picture and also it is perfect timing since the iPhone 5S is right around corner and will have the same design. I own a black 16GB iPhone 5 which I have been using since the day of its release on September 21, 2012 making it 350 days. Also, I absolutely hate cases and screen protectors so this iPhone has endured around a year NAKED. I am however, very careful and have never placed it with keys or anything like that in a pocket but it has been dropped around 2 times on carpet and 5 times on the floor (none on concrete.)

Top-right side has no scratches whatsoever

The bottom is also scratch-less despite occasionally plugging the lightning able in the middle of the night

Left bottom side suffers a little bit of damage, however it is not very noticeable 

Some scuffing on the top-left corner

Back does not have any scratches

No damage at the bottom of the device

However in the correct angle and lighting, a scratch can be seen on bottom back glass

No scratches on the top back glass

However right below the glass, there is a deep scratch revealing a silver color

All buttons are fully functional however some may lose their "clickiness" with use such as the lock and home button

Screen has no cracking and is fully functional

And that is all, pretty good for a device with no protection, right? The iPhone 5 is both a beautiful and extremely durable device and so will the upcoming iPhone 5S. Hope this helped anyone considering an iPhone!