Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thoughts on the iPhone 5C

Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 5C which has been heavily leaked for a few months now however I feel like Apple didn't achieve much by introducing it and here's why:

Apple didn't deliver on price
One of the biggest reasons that people predicted Apple was planing to introduce an iPhone 5C was for a lower price which they can use to target more of the developing markets and expand the iPhone's popularity outside of North America however that wasn't the case, the iPhone 5C is still $99 on a two year contract and $549 unlocked which is not as attractive when compared to the $300-$400 price point that was anticipated to compete and succeed in countries like China.

They made it out of plastic
When it was first rumored that Apple was making a cheaper iPhone out of plastic *gasp* no one really believed it and for good reasons. Apple has always released products made out of extremely premium materials like the aluminum and glass that you can find on almost every device Apple ships. However, as the iPhone event neared and leaks kept coming with many sources confirming the new handheld, everyone began realizing it was a reality and reasoned with Apple, considering the amount of market share they were losing to their competitors in the low-end market and how saturated the high-end market has become, but of course, a day later, we all know the iPhone 5C is not as cheap to justify the plastic. Also, some might argue the colors could be the reason but keep in mind Apple offers the iPod Touch 5th generation in multiple colors out of aluminum, despite the iPhone 5C rocking a more vibrant set of colors, I am still not very convinced.

It's an iPhone 5 
Lastly, this is nothing more than an iPhone 5 in new casing. The hardware is the same with an A6 processor, 8 megapixel camera and the 16:9 Retina Display aspect ratio. Basically everything even including the price if the iPhone 5 wasn't discontinued.

Now don't get me wrong, I think the iPhone 5C looks great with the creative cases for mix-and-matching and will probably sell even better but I can't be the only one left wondering what Apple was thinking, missing a huge opportunity especially with the dive their stock took this morning following the announcement, dropping by almost 6% from 494.30 to 466.76.