Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flickr App Gets an iOS 7 Style Update & New Features

With iOS 7 nearing its release, developers are expected to begin updating their app's user interface to match the flat UI, however it seems Flickr is one of the first to bring that update ahead of the iOS 7 public release.

This update however only applies to the camera, the similarities in both aesthetics and animations are very obvious. It brings the flat icons and fonts used by iOS 7 which to people who have been using the iOS 7 Beta may not be a big deal, but for everyone else, this may be their first opportunity to get an idea for what iOS 7 will feel like.

Flickr on the left and iOS 7 Camera on the right
The font used, the boarder-less buttons as seen on "Camera" and "Next" and the flat icons are very similar to iOS 7
However, that is not everything the Flickr update brings, there are also some new features such as the ability to use live filters so you can preview how any of the filters will look on the photo you plan to capture. Also, you can now customize filters, edit with new editing tools and more.