Sunday, April 21, 2013

Star Walk

As seen in the video, you can follow any objects motion in space at any time and learn about them in great detail, where the app provides its own information and images with the addition of a Wikipedia page. Also, you can learn about moon phases, the rising and setting time of the planets and more. You can enjoy bonuses such as a gallery of high-quality images and read what people around the world using this app have tweeted. However, the highlight of this app is star gazing. By simply raising your iOS device to the sky, using the gyroscope, the app will automatically align what you see on screen with real time locations of bodies in space. This can be taken a step further by tuning on the camera of your device and allowing the app to overlay its information on top of what the camera captures. This feature is also available offline (as showcased by enabling 'Airplane mode') making it a great companion to your next camping trip, for both entertainment and educational purposes.

Something else worth mentioning is being able to AirPlay mirror everything on screen to TV's with an HDMI cable or an Apple TV or to a projector for education or sharing with others.

This app has been updated since this review adding features such as the ability to set an alarm for upcoming events and more.


  • Very detailed information on a large variety of objects in space
  • Augmented reality features for the best star gazing experience
  • Calendar of special events
  • Engaging design
  • Perfect for education
  • Can be used offline
  •  Not universal (iPhone and iPad versions sold separately)
Star Walk is an excellent app that has no real competition. It is a perfect app to showoff the capabilities of your iOS device and to also learn about space in a beautiful package, delivering all you need to star gaze. Despite a somewhat large price tag in comparison to other apps, it is still worth every penny spent.

Buy Star Walk for iPhone - $2.99
Buy Star Walk for iPad - $4.99

Bonus: as promised,CLICK HERE for the app used to create the Timelapse in the intro of the video!