Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wowing Features

One day after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the AppStore added an interesting new collection of apps to its home page.

A lot of the features Samsung showed off were software centric, and to many people, having that many features out of the box may seal the deal. However, what many don't know, is the incredible selection of apps offered in the AppStore, which is exactly what Apple is outlining in its new "Essential 10 Apps That Wow" section.

As seen in the images, Apple payed close attention to highlighting very specific apps with very specific functionality. For example, iTranslate, an app found in the AppStore long before Samsung showed off its S Translate. They both boast the ability to carry out a conversation between two different languages, spoken between people unfamiliar with the others, by listening and repeating a translated version for the other person to respond and repeat the process. Also, another 'Wow'ing app is "Moves" which is awfully similar to S Health, allowing you track your daily activities. Others such as "Vyclone" proves that despite the lack of NFC on current iPhones, they can still connect and produce something great, which in this case is creating a single video shot with multiple iOS devices from different angles easily.

Of course, that is not all Apple highlighted, a fair amount of equally amazing apps that are very unique were bundled and shows how creative and incredible some apps can really be.