Friday, March 29, 2013

Solar Weather


As seen in the video, you can access the three day weather with a swipe down, 24 hour forecast with dragging your finger upwards, swiping right or left between locations and finally double tapping (or also pinching inwards) to see all locations, add new ones (can also be done when swiping to the right) and access settings. 

  • Optional 'feels like weather' can be turned on
  • Highely functional and intuitive with gestures such as sliding upwards for detailed 24 hour weather
  • Provides accurate and reliable weather information
  • Simple and to the point design
  • Uses colors and effects such snow falling to communicate weather and time of day (in video, purple/orange represents sunset)
  • Shows wind direction (only for local location, not user added areas)

  • Only provides 3 day forecast, whereas other apps may go up to 5 days
  •  May be too simple for some preferences (everything it offers is showcased in the video) 
  • Not universal (no iPad version available)

Buy It!
Solar is a very beautiful and well thought out app. It is simple yet not limited, it offers a variety of information to help you keep up with your surroundings and prepare.

Buy Solar - $1.99